List of Seminar & Workshop

Topics Date
Policy Dialogue on Regional Cooperation for Sustainable Development in South Asia 10 Dec 2019
Commemorative Seminar on “International Day of Peace 2019” and Launching of Book Titled “Bangladesh in International Peacebuilding: Discourses from Japan and Beyond” 26 Nov 2019
Dhaka Global Dialogue 2019 11-13 Nov 2019
Lecture on Commemorating the Silver Jubilee of Diplomatic Relations between South Africa and Bangladesh 04 Sept 2019
Second Meeting of the Track 1.5 BIMSTEC Security Dialogue Forum 30-31 July 2019
Seminar on Bangladesh-India Cooperation in the Changing Regional and Global Context  03 July 2019
Lecture on Bangladesh and United Kingdom Relations in the context of UK’s exit from the European Union 24 April 2019
জাতীয় সংস্কৃতি বিকাশে ক্ষুদ্র নৃ-গোষ্ঠী সম্প্রদায়ের ঐতিহ্য সংরক্ষণের গুরুত্ব ও প্রতিবন্ধকতা  18 April 2019
Seminar on 1971 Genocide in Bangladesh 24 March 2019
Lecture on "Bangladesh-Japan Development Cooperation for Enhanced Connectivity"  21 March 2019
Seminar on Bangladesh Delta Plan 2100: Implementation Challenges and Way Forward 24 Dec 2018
Workshop on Mitigation Strategies for the Urban Microclimate of Dhaka Megacity to Reduce Adverse Climate Change Impacts 28 Nov 2018

Lecture on Importance of the CTBT in Constraining the Development of Nuclear Weapons, and the Civil and Scientific Applications 

04 Oct 2018
International Conference on Bangladesh in International Peacebuilding: Experience from Japan 12-13 Aug 2018
Lecture on Commonwealth Advantage: Progress and Potential 08 Aug 2018
COSATT Regional Conference on Importance of BRI and BBIN for South Asia 04-05 July 2018
Seminar on Resolving Land Issue in Chittagong Hill Tracts: Steps Taken, Challenges and Way Forward 10 April 2018
Seminar on Upcoming 45th Session of the Council of Foreign Ministers of OIC, Dhaka: Revisiting A Shared Journey 29 March 2018
Seminar on Bangladesh’s Graduation from LDCs: Opportunities, Challenges and Imperatives  21 March 2018
Discussion on “The Global Compacts for Migration and Refugee” 08 March 2018 
Lecture on “The United States and the Indo-Pacific Region” 30 Jan 2018
Seminar on Changing Global Dynamics: Bangladesh Foreign Policy  10 Jan 2018 
Seminar on “Bangladesh Delta Plan 2100” 09 Nov 2017 
Commemorative Seminar on “International Day of Peace 2017”  09 Oct 2017
Lecture on Reconciling Divided Societies, Building Democracy and Good Governance: Lessons from Sri Lanka 23 May 2017
Seminar on “Promoting Cultural Diversity of Small Ethnic Groups in Bangladesh” 17 April 2017
Country Lecture Series on France: Its Challenges and Foreign Policy 13 April 2017
Seminar Commemorating on 25 March-Gonohottya Dibosh (Genocide Day) 29 March 2017
Victory Day Commemorative Lecture 2016 on Agriculture in Bangladesh: Development, Challenges and Way Forward 21 Dec 2016
Talk on Migration and Security 24 Oct 2016
Lecture on Bangladesh-EU Relations: A Multifaceted Partnership 06 Oct 2016
Consultation on Migrants in Crisis Situation 04 Oct 2016
Seminar on Implementing SDGs in Bangladesh: Challenges and Policy Options 24 Aug 2016
Seminar on Recent Extremist Violence in Bangladesh: Response Options 28 July 2016
Seminar on ‘Civil-Military Relations in Democracy: An Effective Framework’ 20 July 2016
Seminar on "Engaging the Ethnic Minorities in National Development: Way Forward" 04 May 2016
Seminar on Natural Resources, National Income and Planning in Bangladesh 16 March 2016
Seminar on Bangladesh’s Relations with Latin American Countries: Unlocking Potentials 06 March 2016
Information Session on Eligible Professionals Targeted by Field Personnel Division of the Department of Field Support of the United Nations 22 Feb 2016
Seminar on Bangladesh-China Relations: 40 Years of Partnership 26 Jan 2016
Seminar on Migration and Development: Challenges and Perspectives 21 Jan 2016
The US-Bangladesh Relationship: Joining Forces on Global Issues 13 Dec 2015
Special Seminar on SAARC at 30: Achievements, Potentials and Challenges 08 Dec 2015
Lecture on China’s Relations with South Asia 23 Nov 2015
Lecture on Counter Terrorism Challenges in South East Asia 03 Nov 2015
International Conference on Energy Security in South Asia Plus: Relevance of Japanese Experience 28-29 Oct 2015
Lecture on Recent Developments in Bangladesh-India Bilateral Relations and Its Prospects 01 Oct 2015
Special Seminar on Moving from MDGs to SDGs: Bangladesh Experience and Expectation 17 Sept 2015
Seminar on Bangladesh and the Emerging Plurilateral Trading Arrangements 16 Sept 2015
Recent Developments in Bangladesh-India Bilateral Relations and Future Prospects 14 Sept 2015
Lecture on “Sweden, Europe, Asia" 27 April 2015
Seminar on “The People of Chittagong Hill Tracts and Their Developments Needs” 21 April 2015
Seminar on Marine Resources Management of Bangladesh in the Context of Newly Demarcated Boundary 26 Feb 2015
Lecture on “Countering Violent Extremism (CVE): The Global Experience" 04 Feb 2015
Country Lecture on “US policy on Refugee, Migration and Population Dynamics” 21 Jan 2015
Seminar on Bangladesh and BIMSTEC: Way Forward 13 Jan 2015
Country Lecture on Japan-Bangladesh Relations: “Comprehensive Partnership” 21 Oct 2014
International Seminar on Contemporary Thoughts on Bangladesh-India Relations: Challenges and Opportunities 18 Sep 2014
Day-long Review Seminar on National Study on the Bangladesh China India Myanmar Economic Corridor (BCIM EC) 16 Sep 2014
Country Lecture on “Brazilian Foreign Policy and Brazil-Bangladesh Relations” 03 Aug 2014
Talk on India-Bangladesh Relations: A Framework for Cooperation 26 June 2014
day-long Seminar on  “Challenges to UN Peace Support Operations, Response and Preparation: Bangladesh Perspective” 24 June 2014
Country Lecture on “America’s Partnership with Bangladesh: Stronger, Deeper and Broader than Ever” 25 May 2014
International Seminar on Contemporary Thoughts on Enhancing Bangladesh-Myanmar Relations 21 May 2014
Country Lecture on China's Development and the China-Bangladesh Relationship 23 April 2014
Country Lecture on India and India-Bangladesh Relations 07 April 2014
Country Lecture on Russia in Modern International Policy 30 March 2014
Seminar on Contemporary Development Debate: Bangladesh in the Global Context 05 Feb 2014
Country Lecture on Indonesia-Bangladesh: Forging Ahead to the Future 28 Jan 2014
Country Lecture on the Republic of "Korea" 07 Nov 2013
Country Lecture on "Sri Lanka" 03 Oct 2013
International Seminar on Contemporary Thoughts on Enhancing Bangladesh-Myanmar Relations 01 Sep 2013
Country Lecture on “Malaysia” 25 Aug 2013
Policy Dialogue on “Strengthening Transport Connectivity among the South and South-West Asian Countries” 26-27 June 2013
Seminar on “Strengthening Strategic Partnerships between Bangladesh and Korea” 23 June 2013
Seminar on Bangladesh-China Relations: Political and Economic Dimensions 20 June 2013
Presentation on “Prospect for Stability, Security and Prosperity in Bangladesh with Special Focus on Food and Water Security” for RCDS Delegation form UK 28 May 2013
Eminent Personnel Speech: “US-Bangladesh Partnership for the 21st Century” by US Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs Ambassador  Mrs Wendy R Sherman 27 May 2013
Seminar on ‘Bangladesh Myanmar Relations: Political and Economic Dimensions.’ 22 May 2013
Roundtable Discussion on Bangladesh Tea Industry: Problems and Prospects 18 April 2013
Seminar on Role of General Message in the War of Liberation 1971 27 March 2013
Discussion Session on The Commonwealth Charter 19 March 2013
Seminar on Maritime Piracy and Human Response 05 March 2013
Lecture on BANGLADESH AT THE UN 15 Jan 2013
Seminar on SAARC AND ITS FUTURE 23 Dec 2012
Regional Conference on Development and Management of River Basins: The Case of the Ganges-Brahmaputra-Meghna (GBM) 05-06 Sep 2012
Panel Discussion on RIO+20 CONFERENCE: OUTCOME AND WAY FORWARD 01 Aug 2012
International Conference on Challenges and Opportunities of Twenty First Century SAARC" 04 April 2012
Dialogue on Bangladesh-India Relations: Way Forward" 28-29 March 2012
Discussion Session on "The Draft Commonwealth Charter" 22 March 2012
International Conference on Prospects for Peace and Security through Regional Cooperation in 21st Century South Asia: The Role of Japan" 04-05 Jan 2012
Seminar on "Promotion of Exports: Prospects and Challenges for Bangladesh" 11 Dece 2011
A Round-table Discussion on Bangladesh-China Bilateral Relations 27 Sept 2011
National Defence College (NDC) and BIISS jointly organized A seminar on Civil-Military Relation 27 July 2011
A Seminar on Quest for Energy Sufficiency in Bangladesh held at BIISS 24 July 2011
Talk on India and Bangladesh: Partners in Progress by Indian's External Affairs Minister 08 July 2011
Maldives Foreign Affairs visited BIISS 29 May 2011
BIISS-IDSA Bilateral Dialogue held at New Delhi May 9-10, 2011
United States Near East South Asia (NESA) Center for Strategic Studies delegation visited BIISS 05 April 2011
Challenges and Opportunities of the Changing Global Economy: Way Forward for Bangladesh 24 March 2011
Indian Higher Command Course visited BIISS 19 Jan 2011
Panel Discussion on The Post-Cancun Summit: Challenges, Lessons and Future Plan for Bangladesh 18 Jan 2011
Workshop on Civil-Military Relations: Trust Building 12-13 Jan 2011
International Conference on Promoting Security Sector Reform in South Asia: Lessons from Japanese Experience 14-15 Dec 2010
Seminar on Look Africa: An Emerging Foreign Policy Option for Bangladesh 02 Dec 2010
Lecture on Education in Bangladesh: Present State, Challenges and Future Outlook 21 Sep 2010
Panel Discussion on Causes, Consequences, and Challenges of Demographic Explosion in Bangladesh: Policy Prescriptions and Future Outlook 05 Aug 2010
Roundtable Discussion on The Millennium Development Goals and Bangladesh: Present Status and an Outlook for the Future 21 July 2010
Workshop on Civil-Military Relations: Trust Building 22-23 June 2010
Panel Discussion on Management of Water Resources and Water Security: The Case of the Ganges-Brahmaputra-Meghna (GBM) River Basins 15 June 2010
Panel Discussion on Alliance of Civilizations: Reflections on Bangladesh Perspectives 23 May 2010
Book Launching and Discussion Session on Countering Terrorism: Building a Common Approach in SAARC 12 April 2010
Panel Discussion on The 16th SAARC Summit 07 April 2010
Independence Day Commemorative Seminar on Role of General Masses in the War of Liberation: Future Defence 24 March 2010
Round-table Discussion on Bangladesh-China Dialogue 14 March 2010
National Seminar on Good Governance in Bangladesh: A National Security Priority 03 March 2010
Round-table Discussion on The Post-Copenhagen Summit: Way Forward for Bangladesh 02 Feb 2010
Roundtable Discussion on Bangladesh-India Relations: Exploring New Horizons 09 Jan 2010
Victory Day commemorate seminar on Bangladesh War of Liberation: Aspirations, Achievements and an Outlook for the Future 23 Dec 2009
International Conference on Human Security Approach to Counter Extremism in South Asia: Relevance of Japanese Culture 24-25, Nov 2009
Workshop on National Security and Civil-Military Relations in Bangladesh 16-18, Nov 2009
Regional Seminar on Peace and Security in South Asia: Issues and Priorities for Regional Cooperation on Small Arms and Light Weapons (SALW) Control 8-9, Nov 2009
A lecture on Water Related Disasters in South Asia and Role of Glaciers 17 Aug 2009
Seminar on Climate Change and Security in Bangladesh 12 Aug 2009
lecture on The U.S. President and the Senate: Cooperation and Conflict 10 Aug 2009
Seminar on Bangladesh Human Security Assesment (BASA) 2007 04 Aug 2009
Lecture on The National Security System 03 Aug 2009
Panel Discussion on The Rohingyas: Form Stateless to Refugee 22 July 2009
lecture on Gender and Security: Bangladesh National Regime 16 July 2009
National Seminar on Energy: Issues, Challenges and Options for Bangladesh 25 June 2009
National Seminar on Small Arms Violence and Trafficking: National and Regional Security 20 June 2009
National Seminar on Bangladesh-Myanmar Relations 11 June 2009
Roundtable Discussion on Countering Radicalization in South Asia: Bangladesh Perspective 25 May 2009
Panel Discussion on Climate Change and Bangladesh's Diplomacy 19 May 2009
Guest Speaker's Programme on Migrant Workers Remittances to Bangladesh: Implications of Global Recession 23 April 2009
Independence Day Commemorative Seminar on Foreign Policy of Bangladesh: Continuity and Change 05 April 2009
Roundtable Discussion on Global Economic Crisis: Impact on Bangladesh 25 Feb 2009
Workshop on Getting to Leadership Position: Breaking the Barriers and Removing the Obstacles [Jointly Organised by BIISS & BDAWL] 17 Feb 2009
Seminar on Maritime Security of Bangladesh and Lunching of the Book Whither National Security of Bangladesh 2007 12 Feb 2009
Guest Speaker's Programme on Some Thoughts on Civil-Military Relations 03 Feb 2009
Eminent Person's Lecture on Energy Security of Bangladesh: Challenges and Options 21 Jan 2009
Guest Speaker's Programme on State Capacity and South Asia's Insecurity Predicament 06 Jan 2009
Seminar on Role of Media in Culture of peace and Tolerance Jointly Organised by RCSS, GPPAC & BIISS 18 Sep 2008
Talk on Outlook for the 2008 Election in the United States 29 July 2008
Roundtable Meeting on United Nations Programme of Action (UNPoA) on Small Arms and Light Weapons : Bangladesh priorities [Jointly Organised by BIISS & Saferworld, UK] 23 July 2008
A Round-Table Discussion on Climate Change and Security in Bangladesh [Organized by BIISS and Saferworld, UK] 11 June 2008
Seminar on China's Development and it's Implications over the World and Bangladesh-China Relations[Organised by BIISS & CIISS, China] 21 April 2008
Conference on Bangladesh Human Security Survey 2007 [Organized by BIISS & SAFERWORLD] 16 April 2008
Seminar on Role of Ulama in Combating Terrorism April 13, 2008
Roundtable on Small Arms Control and Related Issues : global and national perspectives [Organized by BIISS & SAFERWORLD] April 09, 2008
Seminar on Role of Academics in Combating Terrorism April 07, 2008
Seminar on Role of Media in Combating Terrorism April 06, 2008
Independence Day Commemorative Seminar on National Security of Bangladesh : challenges and options March 30, 2008
Talk on Combating Terrorism : theory and practice March 12, 2008
Seminar on National Security and Leadership Challenge : Bangladesh perspectives March 06, 2008
Bangladesh Human Security Assessment 2007. Dhaka Divisional Workshop February 28, 2008
Victory Day Commemorative Seminar on Impact of Corruption on National Security. How to Overcome IT Dec 13, 2007
Bangladesh Human Security Assessment 2007 ( DFID ) Nov 29, 2007
International Workshop on Democracy, Governance and Security Reforms [Organized by BIISS and APCSS, Radisson Water garden Hotel, Dhaka.] Aug. 12-16, 2007
Lecture on India-Pakistan Relations and Peace Process May 29, 2007
Seminar on National Budget and Economic Security April 09, 2007
Visit of Academy of Military Science, PLA Delegation March 20, 2007
Lecture on ICRC in the Contemporary World: challenges to independent humanitarian operations Jan. 25, 2007
Workshop on Social Sciences Research Methodology Dec. 10-11, 2006
Seminar on Global War on Terror : Bangladesh perspective Sept. 06, 2006
Talk on Asian Regionalism Aug. 20, 2006
Informal Presentation on Strategic Importance of the Chittagong Hill Tracts Aug 10, 2006
Dialogue and country Consultation on BIMSTEC-Japan Comprehensive Economic Cooperation : Bangladesh perspective July 08-09, 2006
Lecture on Vision of A New Maldives May 09, 2006
Talk on Regional Cooperation in South Asia : Will SAARC expansion boost regional cooperation? May 03, 2006
Talk on Regional Cooperation in South Asia April 30, 2006
National Seminar on Security of Bangladesh : a comprehensive approach Mar. 30, 2006
Sub-Regional Forum on Intellectual Property Cooperation Among Member States of SAARC Organized by World Intellectual Property Organization WIPO and BIISS Jan. 30-31, 2006
Regional Conference on Rethinking Political Development : South Asian Security and Democracy Jan. 19, 2006
Victory Day Commemorative Seminar on Foreign Policy in the Context of Victory 21 Dec 2005
Lecture on U.S - Bangladesh Relations 14 Dec 2005
Workshop on National Implementation Relating to Geneva Conventions 1949 and Two Additional protocols Jointly Organized by BIISS and ICRC 13 Dec 2005
Seminar on The 13th SAARC Summit and Future Outlook 11 Dec 2005
Collaborative Research Project on Human Security in South Asia: Discourse, Practice and Policy Proposition 20-22 Sep 05
Middle Powers International Organizations in the Human Security: Reflection on the Return of Multilateralism 17 Aug 2005
Economic Costs of Terrorism 14 Aug 2005
Budget 2005/06 and Economic Security of Bangladesh 06 July 2005
China's Evolving Relations with South Asia 12 June 2005
Strategic Significance of Water Resources in the Ganges - Brahmaputra - Meghna Basins 09 May 2005
National Seminar on Future of SAARC and Bangladesh 27 April 2005
China's Evolving Relations with South Asia: Implications for Bangladesh 13 April 2005
National Security of Bangladesh in the New Millennium 29 March 2005
The Thirty-Third Anniversary of the Victory Day 18 Dec 2004
Vision of SAARC in the Third Decade 08 - 09 Decr 2004
Religious Militancy and Security in South Asia 10 - 12 Oct 2004
Human Security in South Asia: Discourse, Practice and Policy Propositions 26 - 28 Sepr 2004
Bangladesh and the UN: Thirty Years Revisited 19 Sep 2004
Young Scholars' Seminar on Rethinking Challenges and Opportunities of Higher Education in Bangladesh July 28, 2004
The 12th SAARC Summit: Sustainable the Momentum for Regional Cooperation and Development in South Asia July 13-14, 2004
UN Charter and the Security in of Small States June 29, 2004
Independence Day Commemorative Seminar on National Security Of Bangladesh : Education And Environment In Perspective March 21, 2004
Round Table on The 12th SAARC Summit : Bangladesh Perspectives Jan 26, 2004
Discussion Meeting in commemoration of the August Victory Day Dec 1,2003
BIISS-Ford Foundation Collaborative Research Project on Human Security in South Asia: Discourse, Practice and Policy Proposition Nov. 01-02, 2003
Seminar on Bangladesh Foreign Policy: Vision and Achievement, Oct. 2001- Oct. 2003 Oct. 25, 2003
Lecture on Current Aspects of European Security Policy Oct. 18, 2003
Regional Workshop on Regional Stability: The Role of Small States Oct. 07-08, 2003
BIISS Young Scholars Seminar on Environmental Security in Bangladesh: Role of Youth Sept. 28, 2003
Lecture on Disaster Preparedness and Disaster Management: Bangladesh Perspectives Aug. 31, 2003
BIISS Silver Jubilee Lecture on Economic Security of a least Development Country Aug. 13, 2003
BIISS-Asia Foundation Research Project National Workshop on Regional Stability: The Role of Small States July 15-16, 2003
Talk on Security of South Asia: A US Perspective July 01, 2003
To Commemorate the Silver Jubilee Anniversary of BIISS Regional Seminar on Security of South Asia and Future of SAARC June 24, 2003
Silver Jubilee Anniversary of BIISS National Seminar on Challenges to Security and Foreign Policy of Bangladesh June 17, 2003
Seminar on Law and National Security of Bangladesh 96 April 28, 2003
Seminar on Power, Energy and National Security of Bangladesh Mar. 20, 2003
Regional Seminar on Comprehensive Security in South Asia: Economic Dimensions Mar. 03-04, 2003
Seminar on Sustainable Development and Security Mar. 01, 2003
Seminar on Bangladesh-China Relations in the Context of South Asia Feb. 19, 2003
Talk on International Terrorism and Sovereignty Jan. 21, 2003
Daylong Dialogue on South Asian Security and Sino-Bangladesh Relations Dec. 28, 2002
EPLS on Human Security and Human Rights in the Context of Bangladesh and South Asia Dec. 28, 2002
Seminar on Bilateral Trade with India and Economic Security of Bangladesh Dec. 10, 2002
Training Workshop on WTO Negotiations for Bangladesh Dec 15-20,2003
Fourth BIISS-German International Conference on Politics and Security in South Asia : Salience of Region and Culture (Organized by BIISS and the German Embassy, Dhaka) Oct. 8-10, 2002
BIISS on Information Technology and Youth Enterprises in Bangladesh Sept. 09, 2002
EPLS on Foreign Policy and National Security of Bangladesh Sept. 03, 2002
Commonwealth in the 21st Century Aug 26, 2002
Regional Security in Asia July 07, 2002
Talk on Economic Cooperation in SAARC : Getting Our Act Together June 24, 2002
India-Pakistan Conflict : Consequences for Bangladesh June 19, 2002
Civil-Military Relations and Nulclearization of India and Pakistan May 16, 2002
Media and National Security of Bangladesh Apr. 17, 2002
Independence Day Commemorative Seminar on Bangladesh : Vision for the Future Mar. 23, 2002
Post September 11 Society : Ideals and Challenges Mar. 13-14, 2002
Sub-Regional Co-operation among the BIMST-EC Countries and the Role of Japan Mar. 11-12, 2002
Challenges and Prospects of Developing IT Industry in Bangladesh Feb. 14, 2002
National Seminar on SAARC : Challenges and the way ahead Feb. 07, 2002
CBMs and Security Co-operation in South Asia : Challenges in the New Century Nov. 03-05, 2001
Talk on Explaining Democratic Stability and Instability in India and Brazil: Politico-Economic and Politico-Military Determinants 2001
BIISS on Local Government and Resource Mobilization for Local Development Sept. 24, 2001
Third Dialogue on Interactions with the Indian Bordering States Aug. 21-23, 2001
Regional Conference on Regional Security in South Asia : National and Regional Perspectives Aug. 09, 2001
Talk on Globalization Impact on Trade, Banking and Finance of Developing and Muslim Countries Aug. 05, 2001
Wrapping up Seminar on Bangladesh-Southeast Asian Relations May 28-29, 2001
Society, Economy and Security of Bangladesh in the New Millennium Mar. 22, 2001
Bangladesh-Russian Relations : Present, Past and Future Mar. 19, 2001
Small Arms and South Asia : Challenges for Bangladesh Feb. 12 , 2001
Media and Democratization in South Asia Jan. 31, 2001
Middle East Peace Process : Dialectics of Current Uprising , Israeli Politics and Power Relations Jan. 30, 2001
Roundtable on Migration and National Security of Bangladesh Nov. 26, 2000
International Conference on Regional Co-operation in South Asia : Interfacing New Dimensions and Perspective Oct. 22-24, 2000
Prospects of Sub-Regional Co-operation in Transport Aug. 09, 2000
Second Bangladesh-India Dialogue on Interactions with the Indian Bordering States Aug. 16-17, 2000
National Dialogue on Peace Building in the CHT July 10, 2000
WTO 2000 Negotiation and Bangladesh Agriculture May 16, 2000
Impact of Globalization on Bangladesh Feb. 29, Mar. 01, 2000
Bangladesh in the Security Council Jan. 04, 2000
Food Security (Organized by BIISS and WFP) Jan. 04, 2000
Round Table on Development Policy on the Threshold of the year 2000 October 6-7, 1999
BIISS on Student Politics : Alternative Visions Aug. 10,1999
Regional Workshop on Globalization and Security in South Asia May 25-27, 1999
National Security of Bangladesh in the 21st Century Nov 29-30, 1998
Civil Society and Democracy in Bangladesh Sep 28, 1998
BIISS on Economic Liberalization and Youth Forces in Bangladesh : Chandabaji Vs. Entrepreneurship Sep 17, 1998
Nuclearization of South Asia : Challenges and Options for Bangladesh Aug. 27, 1998
The Legal and Technical Requirements of Maritime Delimitation (Organised By BIISS and OIC) July 27-29, 1998
National Seminar on Quest for National Consensus Building in Bangladesh Nov. 04, 1997
Training Workshop on Research Methodology in Social Sciences July 8-9, 1998
National Seminar on Bangladesh Foreign Policy achievements and challenges Sept. 29, 1997
BIISS on Youth's Vision on Bangladesh 2025 Aug. 26, 1997
Panel Discussion on South Asian Growth Quadrangle Aug. 18, 1997
First Dialogue on Interactions with the Indian Bordering States Feb 19-20,. 1997
Workshop on Integrated Coastal Zone Management of the Bay of Bengal : National Capacity Building for Bangladesh Jan 20-21, 1997
International Seminar on Governance and Development : South Asia in the Twenty First Century Dec 21-23, 1996
Bangladesh Foreign Policy : Challenges & Opportunities Oct. 3, 1996
BYSS on Bangladesh Search for Sustainable Development August 16, 95
National Seminar on Bangladesh Facing the Twenty First Century Feb 05-06, 95
International Seminar on South Asia at the Cross Roads : Conflict and Cooperation 6-8 Feb, 94
Japan and South Asia in the Post -Cold War Era 15th Mar.93
Bangladesh in the Post -Cold War Era: Relevance of Experiences of East Asian NICS 17th.Feb, 93
Bangladesh and SAARC: Issues, Perspectives and Out look 23-24 Aug 92
South Asia's Security in the 1990s : Primacy of the Internal Dimension Jan.5-7, 92
Bangladesh in the Nineties: Society, Polity and Economy Sept.17-19-91
The Gulf Crisis: Implications for South Asia Nov.12-90
The Gulf Crisis : Politico-Strategic and Economic Implications Sept.10,90
Bangladesh: Jatia Oaikkomater Shandhaney June 10, 90
Changes in Eastern Europe : Regional and Global Impact March 11, 1990
Development Dynamics: Political and Security Dimensions Dec.11-14,89
Development and Politics in Bangladesh Aug 19, 89
Changing Global Scenario : Challenges and Opportunities for Bangladesh June 10, 1989
Foreign Policy of Bangladesh: Issues and Challenges, BIISS, Dhaka 31 January,1989
ASEAN Experiences of Regional and Inter-Regional Cooperation: Relevance for SAARC March 14-15 '88
Round Table on the Eve of the Third SAARC Summit 24 Oct. 87
The Security of Small States Jan. 6-8, 87
Indo-Bangladesh Common Rivers and Water Diplomacy 27 Dec. 86
Bangladesh-Malaysia Joint Colloquim on Bangladesh- Malaysia Relations 23-25 Nov. 86
UN for a Better World Nov. 13, 1985
Nation Building in Bangladesh : Retrospect and Prospects 13-14 Oct 85
India's Policy Fundamentals, Neighbors and post India Development 19 May,1985
South Asian Regional Cooperation : A Socio-Economic Approach to Peace and Stability Jan-13-15-85
The Crisis in Lebanon : Multidimensional Aspects and Outlook for the Future Dec 1984
Viability of Islamic Common Market 1984
The Assam Tangle: Outlook for the Future May 1984
Seminar on North-South Dialogue: problems and prospects in the 1980s Dec 1981
The New International Economic Order: a Comprehensive Approach Dec 1981
Seminar on North-South Dialogue: problems and prospects in the 1980s Dec 1981
` Seminar on Major Power Involvements in South Asia and Southeast Asia: 1940-1979 1981
Seminar on The New International Economic Order: a comprehensive approach 1981
Seminar on The Iran-Iraq Conflict: impacts and implications 1980
Seminar on Political and Military Situation in South Asia: Prospects of peace and stability 1980
Seminar on The Middle-East Situation (1971-79): implications for Bangladesh 1980
Seminar on Water resources: its impact on Bangladesh June 1980
The Delhi Non-Aligned Summit: Challenges Options Feb. 1980
The Islamic World : An Emerging Force in International Politics Oct.1979
Turmoil in North East Asia : Possible Repercussion and Impact August 1979
The Security of Small States in the Contemporary World August 1979
Bangladesh : A Bridge between South and South East Asia May 1979