Dr. Shaheen Afroze

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Director Research

Educational Qualifications


Ph.D. in International Relations, University of Glasgow, UK, 1994
M. A. in Contemporary History, University of Dhaka, 1982
B. A. (Hons) in General History, University of Dhaka, 1980

Area(s) of Specialisation


South Asian Studies, Inter-state Relations in South Asia, Foreign Policy and Security of Small States, Gender Studies.

Significant Publications


‘India-Pakistan Rivalry and the Role of Small States: A Bangladesh Perspective’, Regional Studies, Summer 2003, (Islamabad, Pakistan)


  ‘Bangladesh-China Relations: An Assessment’, in Asian Security and China in the Period 2000-2010, (Asian Security Review, IDSA, New Delhi, India, 2003)
‘Gendering Economic Development: Change or Continuity?’ in P. R. Chari and Sonika Gupta edited Evolving a Theoretical Perspective on Human Security, (New Delhi, Institute of Peace and Conflict Studies), 2002.
"India-Pakistan Nuclear Arms Race: Response of the Non-Nuclear Weapon States of South Asia", BIISS Papers, No. 17, December 1998.
"Non-Compliance of the Small States of South Asia: A Theoretical Perspective", Theoretical Perspectives, Vol. 3., No. 1, 1996.
"Nuclear Rivalry and Non-Nuclear Weapon States in South Asia: Policy Contingency Framework", BIISS Journal, Vol. 16, No.4, 1995.
"Do Small States Behave Differently from Big States? A Critique of Maurice East's Alternative Model", BIISS Journal, Vol. 14, No.1, 1993.

Contact Details


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