DATE: 2009-05-29

The 4th International Turkish Asian Congress, was held in Istanbul on 27-29 May 2009. It was aimed to study and discuss themes of institutionalization and cooperation on the basis of regional organizations in Asia and was organized by Turkish Asian Center for Strategic Studies (TASAM). The project of the conference was planned with the purpose of contributing to rapid development of a stable cooperation process oriented towards following closely the developments surfacing in Asia, analyzing the information gathered, developing a consistent and applicable vision for future, easily overcoming troubles that may arise, and benefiting in the best possible manner from opportunities that will safeguard mutual interests. Major General Sheikh Md Monirul Islam, ndc, psc, Director General BIISS took part in the conference and presented a paper entitled SAARC Institutionalized Approach to Countering Terrorism. The paper focused on forming a Regional Task Force as a concept to countering terrorism in South Asia as envisaged by the Hon'ble Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina as one of her political manifestos. The conference which was planned to contribute to the development of tolerance, cooperation and communication between Turkish and Asian peoples and to the achievement of global peace and stability was a great success.