Bangladesh Institute of International and Strategic Studies:

  • Violence, Terrorism and Human Security in South Asia by Ajay Darshan Behera
  • Evolving Security Discourse in Sri Lanka: From National Security to Human Security by Gamini Keerawella,
  • Nepali State, Society and Human Security: An Infinite Discourse by Dhruba Kumar
  • Women and Human Security in South Asia: The Cases of Bangladesh and Pakistan by Saba Gul Khatta, Kiron Habib and Foqia Sadiq Khan
  • Pakistan: Haunting Shadows of Human Security by Jennifer Bennett.
  • Human Security in Bangladesh: Discourse, Practice and Proposition by Shaheen Afroze and Abul Kalam Azad
  • Human Security in India: Discourse, Practice and Policy Implications by Mahendra P. Lama
  • Human Security Index in South Asia: Exploring the Issues by Abdur Rob Khan and A. K. M. Abdus Sabur
  • Ethnicity, Ethnic Conflict and Human Security: The Cases of Bangladesh and Pakistan by Mohammad Humayan Kabir and A. T. Salahuddin Ahmed and
  • Human Security in India: Health, Shelter and Marginalization by Monirul Hussain.