The research areas of each division include but are not limited to:

Defence Studies

  • Threat perceptions and role of armed forces
  • Defence management
  • Insurgency and counter-insurgency
  • Civil-military relations

Non-traditional Security Studies

  • Development policy, human and social security
  • Extremism, terrorism and organized crimes
  • Water, environment and climate change
  • Refugee, IDPs, human movement and trafficking
  • Maritime security, piracy and law of the sea
  • ICT, social media and cyberspace security

International Studies

  • Foreign policy
  • Bangladesh and its neighbours
  • Regional, sub-regional, inter-regional and international cooperation and organizations
  • Globalization, trade and investment, WTO and trade agreement
  • Regional integration and economic partnership
  • Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
  • Blue economy
  • Migration and international labour market

Strategic Studies

  • Strategic environment
  • National security
  • Management of strategic resources
  • North-South and South-South issues
  • Area studies, global political and strategic developments

Peace and Conflict Studies

  • Conflict management and resolution
  • Issues of war and peace
  • UN peacekeeping and peacebuilding
  • Negotiations, mediations and reconciliation
  • Gender and conflict, post conflict development